Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Advocare 24 Day Challenge: Days 4, 5, & 6

Good afternoon! I hope everyone is having a lovely day despite it being September 11. First I just want to say that I will never forget that dreadful day twelve years ago..where I was, who I was talking to, and the extreme sadness I felt. I am proud to be an American, and so grateful for those who put themselves in harm's way to save their fellow Americans that day and for those still doing the very same thing today. God Bless America! now an update on the past three days of the challenge. Rewinding...

Day 4: This past Sunday
Scott and I (okay...just I) were lazy Sunday and slept in. We missed church and even breakfast. I believe getting out of the routine we had going for 3 days kind of made things go off whack. This was the first day we did not have to drink the fiber drink (hallelujah!), and I honestly can't remember if we drank our Spark or took our catalyst. Moving on..we planned to go out to eat for lunch because the Panthers were playing but not showing on our cable, and we MUST watch the Panthers play. At least that's what the husband says. So, to prepare for this and not set ourselves up for failure, I looked up several menus of restaurants that were showing the game. We decided to go to a local place called Baumhower's. We knew we were going to be there for a while so we decided to order an appetizer first. Once we ordered our teriyaki grilled chicken fingers and water, we glued our eyes to the tv. Then...and then!...our waiter brought a basket of garlic cheese biscuits. What?! How could he?! Does he not know we're not allowed to eat that kind of stuff right now?! We honestly had no idea they brought biscuits or else we would have politely declined. But there they were. Four golden brown cheesy garlicy biscuits screaming "Eat me!". I stared at them while my bottom lip started poking out and then looked at the husband. He looked equally as sad. I quickly told him that I wasn't going to eat any. And then I told him that I hated to see them go to waste. And then I said okay I'll put one on my plate to act like I'm eating it. And then I said okay just one bite. And then I said but ohhh this is so good and ate half. And then I ate the other half. And not long after that I ate the other biscuit. And so did the husband. So much for making plans so we wouldn't fail! I felt bad for eating the biscuits, but honestly I only felt that way briefly because you know why? Nobody's perfect, and nobody's going to eat perfect all the time so I shouldn't expect myself to be perfect. My only two options were:
1. to just say forget it; I'm going to eat like crap the rest of the day because I just blew it and keep feeling bad about myself
2. to make a better choice for my lunch, pick myself up, keep on going, and feel good about my decision.
I chose the second option and had a grilled fish salad with no cheese or croutons and a fat free raspberry vinaigrette on the side and a side of wild rice. I continued to make good choices the rest of the day, and we had crock pot cilantro lime chicken with a baked sweet potato for supper.

I told myself that I was going to use this space as a way to be accountable and that starts with being honest to whoever reads this and more importantly to myself. When I make good decisions about food, I will write about them and be proud of myself. When I make bad decisions about food, I will still write about them, I won't beat myself up over them, and I will encourage myself to get up, wipe the dust off, and try again with the next meal.

Day 5
This day was relatively uneventful. We didn't have to drink the fiber drink again and while I can hardly get it down, I kind of miss it. I have definitely been hungrier in the mornings because of not getting full from the fiber drink like before. To fix that I am making sure I eat my snack when I start to get hungry so that I'm not totally starving by the time lunch rolls around. Our food for this day consisted of leftovers for every meal...peanut butter & banana baked oatmeal for breakfast, grilled chicken salad for me for lunch, almond crusted fish, rice, and broccoli for Scott for lunch, and crock pot cilantro lime chicken for supper. I made quinoa for the first, okay second, time with supper. The first time I ever tried quinoa was a store bought flavored kind. And it was nasty. Since then I've been too scared to try it again. I got brave last week when I was grocery shopping and bought plain quinoa to season up myself. I made my own recipe with help from two different recipes, and it actually turned out really good. It's definitely a nice change from rice and sweet potatoes.

Day 6
All of the supplements are still the same for today.

  • Spark, catalyst, and probiotic restore before breakfast
  • Omegaplex with breakfast
  • Spark and catalyst before lunch
  • Omegaplex with supper
  • Herbal cleanse before bed

I made baked apple cinnamon oatmeal for breakfast, and I think this is our favorite so far. Last night, I made two chicken breasts seasoned with McCormick's low sodium Montreal Chicken seasoning, left over quinoa, and garlicy broccoli to have for lunch. Note to self: don't ever make broccoli the same way again. I used some of that minced garlic in a jar, and I guess if you don't actually use it while you're cooking, it tastes horrible. I just steamed the broccoli, seasoned it with the garlic, salt, and pepper and holy moly...gross. Even Scott texted me and asked me what I put in it. Nine times out of ten if he is asking something like that it means he doesn't like it. There have only been a few occasions where he has not liked something I cooked, so I knew it must have been really bad. He's a sweetheart though and ate it anyways. I, on the other hand, threw it in the garbage. I redeemed myself with supper by making turkey meatloaves using a recipe from a Cooking Light cookbook (that I love!), baked sweet potatoes, and roasted green beans.

We also got a little goody in the mail, and it is yum!

Totally off subject, but I'm pretty sure I have the cutest puppy in the world.


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