Friday, August 9, 2013

The Boys of Fall


Yep, it's 'bout time for probably the biggest thing in the south next to God and sweet tea...

FOOTBALL -insert happy dance here-

Now, I like me some baseball, and knock on wood, my team is doing pretty darn good right now. Go Braves! But, I looooooooove me some football. Being born and raised in the south it's pretty much a given that your Saturdays starting in August will consist of a few adult beverages, junk food, obnoxious opposing team fans, and the greatest sport ever invented.

In Alabama, pro football is no where near as popular as college football...that may or may not be due to that little school in Tuscaloosa that has won a championship or two in the past few years...but anywho, the hubs grew up in North Carolina for a while where he became a huuuuuuuuge Carolina Panthers fan. I never really followed pro football until I met him, so naturally I became a Panthers fan too. I mean their colors are so pretty, and number #59 is just plain pretty to look at. Hubs is participating in a fantasy league this year, and I've always been curious about them but have never done one. Then I stumbled across this:

I saw this and immediately thought..."hey that's cool. no way I'm doing it though because I'd totally suck." Then I told myself that if I didn't do it this time, when would I finally do one? Next year? Probably not. So why not now? I talked it over with the hubs and asked him how it works, what you do, etc. and he encouraged me to do it. So, here we are. I'm gonna do my first fantasy league!!! I'm kind of a little excited about I've just got to come up with a creative team name and figure out my strategy :)

xoxo, Kelley

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  1. Hi Kelley! Thanks so much for linking up. When I went to reply to your e-mail, you came up "no-reply blogger". Nooooo!!! If you can just e-mail me with your address I can answer all your questions! Excited to have you play!